Smörgåsboard x Helsingborgs Pianofestival

Experience four different skate films on the big screen, accompanied by a live soundtrack. The exclusively composed music, will be performed live at the event by pianist Caroline Leander. In collaboration with Helsingborg Pianofestival.



Filmmaker: Achref Bettaieb (b. 1994, Tunis, Tunisia) is skateboarder and a visual artist, whose films, photographs and multi-media installations question movement, rhythm, and dynamism. “Skateboarding is the lens through which I explore the city, and through which striking images are collected”. From the co-funder of Giraffe Crew a Tunisian skateboarding collective , “Resurrection” is a film about the resilience of a generation in search of bearings in a violent city.
Skaters: Ahmed Krichene, Sahbi Jaber, Ghazi Jebali, Rami Khlifi, Achref Bettaieb



By UCanSkate, an uplifting and supporting community for female skateboarders.
Skaters: Bona Najera, Andy Sanchez, Veronica Zamudio



Filmmaker: Phil Evans is a skater and filmmaker from Ireland based in Malmö, Sweden. Phil’s films are as diverse and multifaceted as is his perspective and thoughts on skateboarding and filmmaking is itself.

Skaters: Skaters: Hannes Ohlson, Oscar Anderberg, Emma Fastesson Lindgren, Eliott Heitmann



Filmmaker: Nikola Racan is the driving spirit behind Vladimir Film Festival. An independent skateboarding video event in Fazana Croatia, established in 2011.
Skaters: Aymeric Nocus and Nikola Racan

Thursday 25th August, 21.30 at Konsertsalen, Dunkers Kulturhus